So how and what should happen?

Rules and options:

Under no circumistance will any agreed job be rescaled, resold or reused for any other customer. The designs developed will be exclusively owned by the customer.

As part of the work we may use images of the job on the web site to illustrate the work that has been undertaken. There are a few options:

  1. Use images with item name, scale and customer’s name, full disclosure.
  2. Just use images with item name and scale, but no information on you the customer, part disclosure.
  3. Just use images with only scale information, reduced part disclosure.
  4. No use of new project stuff, until you release the product, no disclosure.

If you have a specific non disclosure on you job, then we are very happy to honor it. We are happy to sign non disclosure agreements if required.

First contact:

First off, please feel free to contact us via the email address and we can discuss your needs.
If you have Skype, then we can have a face-2-face discussion.
If you need a site visit, then we can agree how and when.
This may include us undergoing some research for your chosen object. In which case this will be factored into the overall costs.

So we will be clear on the object, its scale, how much research and a timeline for production.


Once your needs have been agreed, we can then determine a price and you will receive a formal quote for you to consider.

The quotes will have a 14 day limit.

If you wish to discuss the quote, then that is fine and we can adjust according to our discussion and subsequent agreement.


Once you have approved the quote we will schedule the work according to your timeline and our availability.

Work in Progress:

We will provide regular updates in the form of emails with supporting images so you have a view of progress and how the job is going towards your vision.

Completion and Payment:

On completion of the job, we will provide an invoice for payment. Payment is expected on delivery of the job.

Payment details are defined on the invoice.

Invoices have a 30 day payment schedule.

What if your not happy?

Please contact us via email,, and we will discuss and agree corrective actions.